BA (Hons) Counselling



I offer online counselling with Zoom

We have been going through times of immense change, both collectively and often as individuals following the pandemic. We are witnessing global conflicts and experiencing the pressures of rising costs and a more uncertain future for many. Living in France may mean we have faced prolonged separation from loved ones and familiar support networks, while trying to navigate our lives in a second language. This can put huge demands on us on many levels.

The life that you had planned or hoped for in France may not be the same. Perhaps your relationships have suffered or the way you make a living. In my work I have seen a big increase in levels of anxiety and depression as well as lower levels of satisfaction in daily life. These have been tough times for many.

I can help you to process some of these changes and learn new ways of adapting to a changing world. I can support you in generating workable solutions that draw on your strengths and align with your values and beliefs. From my own experience of therapy and from working successfully with clients for over 20 years from many different backgrounds, I remain passionate that counselling can help. I can support you as you evaluate what you need and want and ways in which that can be achieved, working with you to create a way forwards.

Although I do offer some face to face appointments if you live locally, for many people zoom calls are the most practical way of working with me. The research shows that on-line counselling sessions are just as effective and allow you to access support from wherever you are.

Book your FREE 30 minute video or voice call to find out how therapy can help and to ask me any questions. I am friendly and approachable and understand this can feel like a scary step to take. There is no obligation, it is a chance to talk to me about what you want from counselling. I look forward to meeting you.