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Do you put up with things that upset you, avoid them or hope they go away? Do you hope things will get better, but fear change?

Avoidance might work for a while, but eventually our pain has a way of finding us. Better then to face our issues and understand who we really are so that we can become content sooner rather than later.

Our struggles are unique, and so finding a way through them is often much more complex than reading a book, meditation or listening to a podcast. Online counselling can fit into your life seamlessly and confidentially, all the while helping you to learn the tools to allow you to live differently.

The fact is, some of the things life throws at us are extremely painful. We might be struggling with a relationship that has stagnated or even become toxic. Perhaps living our life in a country where we have few friends, or struggle with the language might leave us feeling isolated. We might have difficult relationships with family members past and present, or work might be difficult to come by. Things change and sometimes we struggle to adapt, as a result, we might have low self-esteem, suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, even self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

If you're struggling, allow me to reassure you. This too will pass, but it might pass a lot more quickly if you can be open to the support of a therapist - someone who can guide you back to a comfortable place, to your best you.

Tell me about your goals, and I will tell you how we can get there.

Online therapy is scientifically proven to be as effective as face-to-face therapy. We can work conveniently, securely and efficiently online, fitting around your lifestyle, location or responsibilities.

I offer a FREE 30-minute video or voice call where we can meet, chat about therapy and how it could be useful to you. There's no commitment and we can talk about any questions you might have. See my live availability and book your free session online instantly via my website

I offer more than talking therapy I also work via secure, encrypted email. If an issue that you want to work on is too hard to talk about, or you are conscious that you might feel embarrassed to bring it to an online session, or if you prefer to write rather than talk as many people do, then writing therapy could be for you. Blocks of therapeutic email responses are 110 for three, and you can send your emails anytime that you choose.

I specialise in working with those in their twenties, thirties and forties. I'm different from many therapists. I'm a millennial and find that this means I can relate to the issues that our generation come up against more easily than others. If you have a complicated life and are worried that an older therapist might take a more parental, judgemental role then be reassured that doesn't happen with me. I've had my struggles too navigating this complex modern world, and coming through them as a stronger and more resilient person is what makes me a good therapist.

I work extensively with GSRD clients if you identify as part of the LGBTQI+ community then know that I have a great deal of experience in this area and that all are welcome in my private practice. I am a sex-positive counsellor which means that I approach any work which clients might bring regarding their sexual preferences and history without judgment or shame.

There are lots of reasons my clients choose to work with me relationship issues and anxiety are two of the top reasons but many others do so because they are looking for ways to resolve problems with family members, partners or friends. They might be navigating fertility issues, bereavement, addiction, work-stress etc. Depression, feeling sad, family issues, affairs and betrayals, separation and divorce, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), low self-esteem and low self-confidence are also very common themes of my work. Decisions around living abroad or moving home can also be discussed.

I know that therapy can seem daunting particularly if it's something we haven't tried before. I'm a very informal person and there is no need to be anything but yourself in therapy with me.

And if you don't know who that is yet, then I can help you find them.

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