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I have worked and studied within the field of mental wellness for many years now and am keen to help you work to a solution to your concerns. My methods are multi-disciplinary in an eclectic method of solution driven ideas – whichever works best for you and your situation and how you wish to work. I am also available to help you look at and develop essential life skills and the “soft skills” of emotional intelligence to enable you to work better in your workplace and family environments.

My qualifications include counselling within my Bachelor of Divinity, graduate certificates in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and family therapies. I have also undertaken training in the concepts of life skills, mediation within families and work places and NLP, along with a number of mindfulness and developmental approaches to couples therapy and offer aspects of this within the eclectic counselling that I believe works.

Personal professional interests
I have worked for many years with partners and families of those who have been subjected to domestic abuse. I have also worked with those people who are in a Carer’s role, especially those within the sphere of the Mental Health treatment system and whose own health is vitally important, yet often forgotten about.

My Approach & Philosophy
When it comes to counselling, I believe that compatibility is the most important aspect. My approach can be summed up by saying that I like to see a journey followed to your happiness and wellbeing, using a selection of options in therapy to make your journey to mental wellbeing. I keep up to date with new ideas and continue my own learning through continual learning and development and clinical supervision. Although not exhaustive, some of the areas I have years of experience in are:
  • Couples Therapy, where we examine the dynamic within your relationship, along with effective communication, to get the “zing” back into your partnership
  • Anxiety Therapy, where we will explore the origins of your anxiety, whilst examining the best options suited for you to move forward and be able to live your life with greater confidence and fullness
  • Grief Counselling, during the dying and death process, there is little time to yourself so when you are left with the emptiness of afterwards, grief can often be overwhelming and a guide through the grief process, however long it takes, can be found to be useful
  • Ex-pat loneliness – and sometimes, you just want to talk – especially when living in another country. I am also available for this, I have many interests and a wide variety of general knowledge, and am happy to learn more, so if you just want to “have a cuppa and talk” then we can make time for a chat and active discussion over how to resolve your feelings.

The areas in which I can help you are as varied as the flowers of the fields, so please feel free to contact me to discuss any area you would like to talk about.