Psychologist and Gestalt Psychotherapist

Hello, I am a bi-lingual psychotherapist based near Perigueux in the Dordogne, France. My training is in Gestalt psychotherapy and in Neuro-linguistic programming which is similar in style to cognitive behavioural therapy. I have a first class degree in psychology, a post graduate diploma in gestalt psychotherapy from the Metanoia Institute of psychotherapy in London and a masters degree in psychotherapy from Middlesex University. I currently work as a counsellor with a team of psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals in an out patients centre where we work with a large range of problems. I also have my own independent practice where I either receive clients in face to face therapy, by telephone or through Skype sessions.

As a therapist I promote sessions that are active and lively and characterized by warmth, acceptance, caring, and self-responsibility. I encourage the client to experience their unique way of being and rather than focusing on passively talking about events or the past we also explore together the client’s way of being in the here and now. Gestalt therapy encourages a gradual integration of our emotions, body sensations and thoughts. In other words it is a holistic therapy that respects the individual and regards each of us as a person functioning in the best way they have found at that moment in time.

As a therapist I help you to decide whether your way of functioning is still useful or whether you want to explore newer more flexible ways of being. An example of this might be the client who has developed a way of being in relationships that feels stuck and outdated. As a therapeutic team we would work together to identify the body sensations, thoughts and behaviours that feel stuck and experiment with newer ways of doing things that free up the interaction.

I am a member of the French Federation of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis which is the main governing body of psychotherapy in France. I abide by their code of ethics, regulations, practice guidelines and client complaints system.

You can telephone me to arrange a free initial chat where we will discuss your aims and expectations of the therapeutic work and whether I am the right counsellor for you.

My telephone number is : 06 73 49 15 99

Or by email at gascous (at)