Trained Addiction Counsellor
Trained Life and Career Coach

Email: coaching@sfr.fr

Skype: coachingupastorm

Website: www.jamesthecoach.net


I can help you:
  • Identify and attain your professional and personal goals
  • Develop your creativity
  • Create a life that honours your deepest Self
  • Become fully conscious of your values and live them
  • Deal better with change

In my work as a coach I ask you questions and listen to YOU.  With my curiosity and your presence we create an alliance and a circle of profound enquiry. - How do you get to be, have and do what you really want in your one life?

How do I work?
Whatever it is in your life that you would like to improve or work on – you can talk about it safely with me and then decide if I can help you. The coaching lasts from forty minutes to an hour either face to face, Skype or by phone.

The Process
The client and the coach develop a program according to the client’s needs which can be defined during a strategy session. The coaching takes place over a realistic minimum of three months in order to evaluate progress.