Dom Wymark
Vernix 50370

Dip Psychotherapy & Counselling

ISPC Accredited

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“I believe that we all have the internal resources to solve our issues. Sometimes all we need is a little support and objectivity” Dom

Working as an integrative solution focused therapist I believe that creating a safe, confidential, non judgemental and empathic space enables clients to resource themselves in overcoming challenges and difficulties. Working side by side we explore issues and seek solutions that empower you to make the changes and find your way forward.

As an integrative, therapist I am trained in four counselling theories and approaches, this means I can access a range of tools and different theories, enabling me more breadth in tailoring your sessions to your individual needs, helping us to get to the root cause of difficulties you are experiencing thus, helping you to make the choices and take the actions necessary to move forward.

My Experience
Over 10 years experience to help with a variety of issues including:-

• anxiety and depression
• abuse
• grief, loss and change including isolation and meaning
• relationship difficulties
• work related stress
• Trauma
• Terminal illness

A Practical Approach
As a male, I can relate to how difficult it can be for men to seek emotional help. Having worked as a tradesman for over 20 years in an almost exclusively male environment I can relate to the difficulties facing men in seeking emotional help. This has led me to develop an approach that is practical, supportive yet down to earth, which clients both men and women have found beneficial.

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