Dr Samantha Barcham
UK trained Counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Email: sam@headspace-therapy.com

 Website: www.headspace-therapy.com

I offer therapy with Skype or Zoom

Greetings, I'm Sam, a Counselling Psychologist and psychotherapist trained in the UK, offering both online and in-person counselling services. Whether you're navigating life changes, addressing relationship difficulties, or working through specific challenges, seeking support doesn't require being in crisis. Having someone to talk to during challenging times can be immensely beneficial.

There are times when life presents challenges, and it's common for individuals, at some point, to require support in navigating through difficulties and finding a path forward when feeling stuck. Engaging with a professional who listens deeply to your experiences can assist in unraveling complex thoughts and emotions. In my role, I aim to provide a secure, supportive, and confidential environment distinct from your daily life. Here, you can freely discuss what occupies your thoughts and concerns.

Counselling encompasses various approaches, making it crucial for you to find a practitioner whose philosophy and methods align with your preferences. The comfort and compatibility you feel with your counsellor are equally important, and I encourage you to explore sessions with multiple counsellors if feasible.

As an integrative practitioner, I avoid strict adherence to a singular model, choosing instead to adapt and draw from various approaches. This allows me to tailor our work in a manner most beneficial to you as an individual. Central to my role is establishing an environment where you can explore yourself and your perceptions of the world and others without judgment or conditions. By reflecting my understanding of your thoughts and feelings, we navigate this exploration together, aiding you in determining what is helpful and productive for your personal growth.

I don't see it as my role to dictate your actions. Instead, I see myself as a facilitator, guiding you toward a position where you feel empowered to take steps toward your goals and achieve fulfillment in your life, relationships, and work.