Child development ~ Child Bereavement
Adolescent Development ~ Parenting
Crisis, Grief, and Trauma

Email: davis@americancounselorinfrance.com

I have a Masterís degree in Counselling Psychology and I have worked in the fields of education and mental health for over 20 years. I am trained and experienced in child development, child bereavement, adolescent development and adjustment, parenting, crisis, grief, and trauma.

My approach is Existential-Humanistic, informed by attachment, modern psychoanalytic, and feminist theories. I work with issues related to being an expat/immigrant in France. I first came to France as a backpacker in 1994, then as a student in 1997, and since then have returned multiple times as a student, a volunteer cheese-maker, and finally as a self-employed professional.

I have my own history of learning to navigate daily life, administrative requirements, language acquisition (and struggles!), learning the subtleties of relating in a new culture, as well as the challenges of maintaining important relationships across an ocean. This deep well of personal experiences combined with professional training allows me to have a true understanding of and empathy for clients dealing with struggles in a different culture from that which they've come from.