Psychodynamic & Person-Centred
Counsellor & Psychologist
EMDR therapist



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I obtained my MSc in Counseling & Psychotherapy from the University of Edinburgh, where I trained in both psychodynamic and person-centered theories. I am continuously developing my skills through continuing education courses & training in areas such as trauma and crisis interventions.

Professionally, I have worked in private psychiatric settings as well as for the United Nations, in both cases working with and advocating for survivors of violent trauma. Today, my practice is geared towards working with expats across the globe who are experiencing anxiety, depression, eating disorders and/or symptoms of PTSD.

While my approach is rooted in psychodynamic and person-centered theories, I am not protocol driven. I recognize that each person is unique and therefore requires a tailored approach that suits their individual needs. As such, I blend elements from various therapeutic methods to provide a more holistic approach to healing.

However, two aspects of my approach remains constant:

My unwavering focus on the therapeutic alliance. I strongly believe that the therapeutic alliance is the foundation of successful therapy, serving as the cornerstone for fostering change, growth and healing.

My belief that problems should be addressed with compassion, understanding and awareness in order the help achieve relief and freedom from patterns that have often become more painful than the underlying emotions.

Therapy isn't easy. It often involves working together through difficult and painful emotions and past experiences. Like the lotus flower, we have to push through the dark, murky waters of our past experiences before we can beautifully blossom into our true self, ready to take up space in the world in a way that might have felt difficult - sometimes even impossible - to reach. I would be honored to accompany you on your own therapeutic journey , to help guide and empower you to discover and pursue your True North.