Masters degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy
Bachelor of Arts



I work remotely, 100% compliant with sanitary barriers

I offer online counselling via Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime

The first session is free

With over 17 years of experience in social support and counselling, it is my aim to help people find more clarity in their lives, become more self-aware, and take ownership of their work and life with more empowerment and resilience. I work in English with individuals and groups facing a wide variety of life challenges. If French is your native tongue, please know that my French is fairly limited, but if you speak slowly, I believe that we can find a way.

As a dual national expat, it has been my experience that living in different countries has taught me of the difficulties we face, and of the inner strength we learn in order to adapt to foreign cultures, languages and society.

Having been in France throughout the duration of the global pandemic, I would like the opportunity to provide services to help people through the unique set of challenges that life has thrown at us with the pandemic and the more recent situations abroad. We are all a part of this collective trauma in France and around the world.

I provide counselling/ coaching online to anyone experiencing isolation, loneliness, struggling to integrate into a new country, low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, career direction, amongst other areas. I work to create a safe and caring environment, creating goals, enhancing self-confidence and self-awareness one on one; as well as building meaningful relationships in a group setting.

Over the years I have worked on several continents with varied experiences, and cultures. This work included working as a counsellor, working within prisons, community home care, social support, residential programmes, hospitals, helplines.

My work in counselling
Running a private practice where I provided counselling services to a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds. Focussing on areas such as depression, anxiety, trauma, bereavement, carers, eating disorders, PTSD, personality disorders, schizophrenia, and those experiencing violence/ abuse. I have also worked closely to support people struggling with eating disorders, cyber bullying, complex trauma; via telephone, email, web-based live chat, face-to-face support groups & face-to-face consultations. Assisting with support groups for eating disorder sufferers and carers.

My work in community care

  • Community service dementia specialist within a multidisciplinary team at St Vincent’s hospital in Sydney, Australia. Assisting with at home support as well as educational groups for dementia sufferers and carers
  • Mental health residential worker for a psychosocial residential care programme in Melbourne, Australia
  • Mental health support worker in the city of Perth, Australia

My work in the USA

  • Project Prove, Virginia Commonwealth University - In a minimum-security prison for women assisting with basic life skill groups
  • In the Forensic unit of a Federal Prison in Petersburg, Virginia - In a maximum -security prison for men and women, creating groups
  • “CASA” Henrico County, Virginia, Richmond Virginia
  • Juvenile Domestic Relations Court, Court Appointed Special Advocate investigating child abuse cases on behalf of the judge.

Training and experience

  • Masters degree Counselling & Psychotherapy (MCAP) at the Jansen Newman Institute of Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • 2 years of group therapy in the Master's program, DBT, CBT, Sandplay, Art, Narrative, Person-centred, Existential, Psychodynamic, Family systems, Mindfulness, PTSD, Solution Focussed, etc.