~ Nutritionist, M.Sc.Nutr.

MB-EAT (Mindful Based Eating Awareness Training)

Qualified Instructor, MBEAT-QI

Counsellor & Mindful Coach Food Behaviour

Hypnosis and NLP

Traumatism relief through Eye Movements

Weight Management ~
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How can Maria Help You in Achieving your Life-long Goals?

  • Come back to really enjoying your food naturally

  • Find your ease of well-being in your relationship to yourself, your body and food again

  • Maybe you are overweight and your Doctor or Psychotherapist recommends a healthier relationship to food

  • Tools to deal with food cravings and eating too much or too little

  • Obsessed by food and weight, spending so much time and energy on food but not getting anywhere

  • Changing your eating habits to enjoy food more and still remain healthy

  • Or maybe you are in the dilemma of wanting to stop the yo-yo effect of dieting and putting on even more weight

  • Needing non-judgmental guidance to healthy nutrition, movement, lifestyle...

Maria can help you…feel free to contact her for a free assessment session.