Clinical Psychologist - Psychotherapist

I work with adults and adolescents

I offer online therapy with Skype / FaceTime
Skype: suke.ryder

I trained as a clinical psychologist both in England and in France. In my private practice, for most patients, my preferred approach is CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), which focuses on identifying and resolving the specific difficulties you are currently facing : depression, phobia, anxiety, relationships, eating disorders, difficulties at school, in the work place... The techniques adapt easily to a vast range of issues and allow the client to become an active participant in the therapeutic process. According to several validated studies, CBT offers a more rapid success rate” than most other approaches.

For clients who have experienced trauma (single event ‘big T’ trauma or multiple, repeated ‘small t’ traumas), I find that EMDR is a particularly effective method. Trauma can have a lasting impact on our ability to act positively or rationally in certain situations and the emotional pain is not lessened with time. EMDR enables our brains to integrate the painful experience more completely, freeing us to react in a more adaptive way, unhampered by our extreme emotions.

I also draw on Systems Theory (the study of relationships rather than individuals), Transactional Analysis and Psychodynamic Theory.