Deb Challacombe

Online Counselling & Psychotherapy



Iím a member of BACP, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and accredited with the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

What all that means is that I work safely and ethically with people to overcome their problems either face-to-face, in my private practice, and here, online.

You probably just want to know if I can help you. Well, I have a passion for my work. Itís wonderful to see people change and grow. For me, itís a bit like gardening Ö carefully planting seeds into dark earthÖ and then one day, sooner than you realise, those green shoots appear. Therapy can be and is life-changing.

Iíve been working with clients therapeutically for over ten years now, for all sorts of problems. Being integrative, Iím trained in many different approaches, including NLP, CBT and hypnosis; these are all useful ways of helping people with fears and phobias. I then had four yearís post-graduate training to become a psychotherapist at the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy, in London. I also do life coaching.

Iím flexible around using different mediums online to communicate with you, but the most important thing is that therapy-wise, we use what works best for you, in the way that you want.