Psychodynamic psychotherapist
Family and couple analytical therapist

E-mail: browntamar52@yahoo.com


I am bilingual in French and English and have trained and practiced in France and Great Britain. Originally an actress, I qualified as a Dramatherapist in Great Britain in 1991 and then worked in social services in London for 2 years. I have been living in France since 1993 and retrained and qualified as a clinical psychologist in 1997. I initially began the child psychotherapy training at the Tavistock Clinic in London in 1992, which I have been continuing to pursue with various modules offered at the Tavistock modèle France. In 2007, I qualified as an analytical family therapist. I have been working in child psychiatry in various institutions for over 20 years and continue practicing at the Centre Hospitalier de Montfavet, a psychiatric hospital, in the family therapy unit on a part-time basis.

I work on a freelance basis running training courses, supervising multidisciplinary teams and individual practitioners. I also run a private practice.

I see children, adolescents, adults and groups for psychodynamic psychotherapy. I also offer dramatherapy using various projective techniques, image work, and role play as alternative forms of expression. Dramatherapy is the intentional use of drama and theatre for therapeutic purposes, a creative playful way to explore aspects of ones’ internal and external world.

I offer 50 minute sessions on a sliding scale (according to means), often on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. I work according to the ethics and deontology as defined by the British Association of Dramatherapists (BADth) and the code of conduct established by the professional body of clinical psychologists in France.

I offer a confidential space with an approach which seeks to be non-judgemental, which is open to all who wish to explore their inner world, their emotions, to acquire further insight and hopefully gain a greater sense of self.

I also offer individual clinical supervision for health practitioners.


  • Family and Couple therapy (French diploma in psychoanalytical family therapy A.D.T.F.A. 2006)
  • Clinical psychologist and Psychotherapist (French diploma D.E.S.S. Psychologie et psychopathologie clinique University Aix-Marseille 1997)
  • Dramatherapist (British diploma Post graduate diploma in Dramatherapy University of Hertfordshire 1991)